Darryl Edwards

Prof. Darryl Edwards is an internationally lauded singing teacher. He is a career booster - celebrated for his effectiveness and innovation. At the University of Toronto, Canada, with singers in the voice studio and his ground-breaking courses,  he continually creates significant pathways for ideal learning experiences and performance outcomes.

Voice Teaching

In the voice studio and practice room, you discover and grow – until you do it like you’ve known it all along.

It is incredibly satisfying to sing well and effectively share what is real and fantastical. In revealing the world’s emotions and stories with music and text, and in building and balancing your skills, you go “from awkward to awesome.”  This is the making of you as an artist.


In a master class with soprano Susan Watkins, at the Centre for Opera Studies in Italy


PERFORMANCE TRAINING! These are the young artsts of the COSI NOW (New Opera Workshop) for Dean Burry's Il Giudizio di Pigmalione (The Judgement of Pygmalion): BRAVO Academy Theatre, June 5-6, 2019, with

stage director/dramaturg Melissa Bencic, conductor Darryl Edwards, and composer/librettist, Dean Burry. 


James Sandau, baritone, sings Mozart’s “Der Vogelfänger bin ich, ja” with an impromptu pan pipe, to the amazement and amusement of his collaborative pianist, Narmina Efendiyeva.