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April 7, 2012 Saturday of Easter Weekend

Our friends’ home was decorated for Easter!

Easter Tree
Easter Decorations 1
Easter Decorations 2
Easter Decor’ns 3
Easter Decor’ns 4
Easter Flowers

We paid a visit to a folk wood sculptor, Jan “Honza” Kužel, in order to buy a gift for the priest who will be performing the baptism of our friends’ youngest child the next day.

Honza 1
Honza 2
Honza 3
Honza 4
Honza 5
Honza 6
Honza 7
Honza 8
Honza 9
Honza 10

After our visit to Jan “Honza” Kužel’s workshop, we drove to “Veselý Kopec.” or “Happy Hill,” the Czech Republic’s version of “Pioneer Village.”  It depicts Czech village life in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Veselý Kopec 1
Whip maker
Czech Folk Ensemble
Czech Folk Ensemble 2

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