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April 9, 2012 Easter Monday

Easter Monday. My 52nd birthday. A wonderful day. We saw what the “Whipping Day” was all about (see posting for April 2nd). It dates back to the 13th century. Some Czechs enjoy the celebration tremendously, some loathe it, and some merely tolerate it – all with good reason!

Birthday Cake + Our Hand-Painted Easter Eggs + “Whipper” Candy
Whipping + Poem
Greeting “whippers” with candy
Church and Roof
Cliffs around Hrad Kost
Hrad Kost
Hrad Kost 2
Hrad Kost 3
A child’s wonder
Castle Kost Casts Shadows

The castle tour introduces interesting anecdotes, fascinating histories, a diverse display of weaponry and a large portrait gallery. The landscapes are captivating, too. It also boasts a novel souvenir shop.

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