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Borrowed Passions: COSI Connection Performs in Hamilton, with two John Laing premieres.

Charles Sy, Darryl Edwards, Claire de Sévigné at the COSI Connection performance at Hamilton’s Christ’s Church Cathedral

Many thanks to Michael Bloss and Dean Peter Wall from Christ’s Church Cathedral, Hamilton, for our “COSI Connection” concert there! I was delighted to conduct the premiere of John Laing’s brilliant solo quartet with organ, “Watching With Jesus.” John’s solo aria for tenor and organ, “My Song Is Love Unknown” was a tour de force for  Charles Sy (above, left). I am grateful, too, for the superb singing of Claire de Sévigné (above, right), Charlotte Burrage, Ryan Paul Downey, Tenor and Stephen Hegeduss. It was a thrilling afternoon, and a pleasure to introduce these fine vocal artists to Hamilton.

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