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Launching the COSI 2013 Audition Tour

I always marvel at the enriching life that is given to all of us who choose a life in music. The progress of my singing students captivates me, working side by side with my colleagues energizes me, and the opportunity to create art enthralls me. “Life is happiness indeed!” (Candide, Lillian Hellman) Of course there is lots of hard work and some drudgery that goes along with that, but its the fulfillment that motivates.

That’s what underlies the tremendous efforts around COSI and The Concert & Opera Group. “Extraordinary Opera Training!” is the goal, and the bonus result is the fulfillment of building skills and careers, and creating and sharing vocal art with a larger circle of people. That’s what buoys us and extends us. The action to this creativity is what makes the difference!

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