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March 2nd, 2012

View from my Sulmona Hotel, Mar. 2/12

I spent from Feb. 27-Mar. 2 visiting Sulmona, making plans for COSI 2012. I was pleased to meet with the mayor, Fabio Federico, who was thrilled to hear we are preparing to “fill the air of the city with music.”  COSI’s Executive Director in Italy, Dottoressa Tania Puglielli (a University of Toronto graduate) kept me busy reviewing accommodations she had secured, and discussing performance dates and programming. There was time, too, to visit a few of COSI’s favourite spots – Bar Giardini (with a big greeting from Paolo and his family), Di Silvio’s Gelateria (with Massimo and Mila – all smiles and welcomes), and Ristorante Clemente, where the head waiter theatrically and humorously chided me for ordering a cappuccino after dinner. That-s a no-no! COSI 2012 is a confetti bouquet of anticipation!


January and February:

Learning new music for song premieres.

Teaching master classes and workshops in the Greater Toronto Area.

Writing a book review, research reports and proposals.

Reading books on research methods, such as case study research, grounded theory, survey research, and an overall look at qualitative and quantitative research as they best apply to discovery and development of singers and teachers in the voice studio.

Graduate voice auditions at U of T (yes).

Several meetings at U of T (yes again) for urgent and impending issues: “present mirth hath present laughter; what’s to come is still unsure.” (Wm. Shakespeare: Twelfth Night).

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