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March 9, 2012

I am having a great time at the Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival. I was last here in 1998. Since that time I have held many of the friendships my Calgary colleagues, and communicate with them quite regularly. However, music festival rules do not allow adjudicators to discuss music festivals until they are all over. There must be no contact with adjudicators. I don’t know who teaches whom, or who studies with whom. That’s the way it should be!

There should not even be a perception of favouritism, or a feeling that certain singers have an “in” or donot have an “in.” I do find it hilarious, though, to watch the lengths to which my friends and colleagues are going tonotmeet my eyes or even acknowledge I am in the room, knowing full well that we’ll have a wonderful time together after my work at the festival is finished. Suffice it to say that the magic of Amsterdam has been replaced by the vocal magic of the fine young singers of Calgary. Every day brings new singing pleasures and treasures.

It’s a bonanza. Participation in this festival is more embraced by solo singers than is the Toronto Music Festival, which is more renowned for its large participation of large ensembles (choirs, bands and orchestras). For this reason, I made a point of accepting the invitation to adjudicate. I have not been disappointed! One small highlight outside the festival is to have visited Earl’s. Western Canada is famous for its Earls restaurants. I was there last night.

It’s a highlight because while I was there, I remembered all terrific times I’d had there with friends over the years, when visiting Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. It’s all about the people!  Toronto now has its ownEarls, and London, ON, will soon open a location, too! Since I have little else I can share about the exciting goings-on at the Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival, I’m posting a few more of my pictures from Amsterdam.

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