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Studio of Michelyn Wright, Markham, ON

In June of 2014, I happily accepted an invitation from voice teacher Michelyn Wright to do a day-long masterclass and workshop with her students. Michelyn was a student of mine for her B.Mus. and Artist Diploma before obtaining her M.Mus. at Mannes in New York. She later became Canada’s first teaching intern in the NATS Intern program.  It was a pleasure to spend the day with her eagerly engaged students, fine singers all! It was certainly a full circle moment to observe how Michelyn’s students are being taught so well, and they are singing so effectively and with such meaning. Pianist Ellen Meyer was a tremendous  artistic support for each and every student. It was such a fulfilling day to work with each singer, and draw them to their best singing!

With Michelyn Wright (back row, second from right) and her voice students, with pianist Ellen Meyer (top left),

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