• Darryl Edwards

University of Toronto Faculty of Music Convocation 2016

with Megan Maeve McCarthy, B.Mus.!

It’s a big day, and the culmination of university studies for undergraduate and graduate students, their families, friends, and certainly their teachers! We all gather to honour the occasion and to celebrate the accomplishment!


Opera Night at George Restaurant!

From Left: Kathryn Tremills, Joni Henson, Charles Sy, Charlotte Burrage, Sydney Baedke, Andrea Nùñez. Matthew Cairns, Michael Uloth.


COSA Canada Singers: Operas in Concert with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra’s What Next Festival of New Music May 18-25, 2016

Miracle Flight 571: Lloyd Burritt Concert Premiere

Singers: Andrea Nùñez, Charlotte Burrage, Ryan Downey, Nathan Keoughan,

Christina Bell, Ana Paula Cunningham Malagon, Jacob Abrahamse, Matthew Cairns, Quinn Mitchell, Lawrence Shirkie

Swoon: James Rolfe and Anna Chatterton

Singers: Maeve Palmer, Allison Arends, Tonatiuh Abrego, David Roth

The Whitening of the Ox: Jeffrey Ryan and K.V. Skene

Singer: Bradley Christensen

The Virgin Charlie: William Rowson and Taylor Graham

Singers: Julie Ludwig, Ryan MacDonald, Jeremy Ludwig

The Perfect Screw: Abigail Richardson and Alexis Diamond

Singers: Julie Ludwig, Ryan MacDonald, Bud Roach, Jeremy Ludwig

Chamber Music of Cecilia Livingston, Abigail Richardson-Schulte and John Laing, with members of the HPO

and Singers: Christina Haldane and Chelsea VanPelt

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